Building sustainable HABITS beyond the threshold point

Building sustainable HABITS beyond the threshold point

Progress looks like nothing until it crosses a valley of disappointment

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Real Progress

While the majority of the people start a habit in order to see some changes, want the same to happen in immediate time. It's obvious that these habits won't be able to make the visible changes so as to keep the motivation for keeping up the work consistently. But on contrary, we expect to see the progress in a linear fashion and it's really frustrating when they don't happen in the supposed manner even in the initial days, weeks, or even months to come.


Plateau of Latent Potential

Habits appear to make no difference until and unless you cross a critical point that unlocks a new level of performance. It's a hallmark of many and most significant processes that the most powerful outcomes are often delayed.

If you see yourself struggling to build a new habit or even try to break a bad one, most often that it's not your inability to improve but you're stuck in the valley of disappointment. It's the phase where you're not seeing any changes but rather it's working in the background to reach one point where it'll look like an instant success.

How to overcome at VOD(Valley of Disappointment)?

  1. Worry less about results
  2. No work done is wasted
  3. Focus on system and process
  4. Goal-oriented habits won't last

A significant difference between the 'what actually happens' and 'what you think should happen' in the figure shown above creates major disappointment and we have to overcome this. After this point, all the work you've put in accumulates and gives a gigantic result and looks like an overnight success. Until then, stick on to it